The Workbook

Influenced by the patriarchy of Roman culture and ancient Greek philosophy, church leaders in the 3rd and 4th centuries began to translate and interpret the Bible with a systematic bias against women. This bias was carried over into the Protestant Reformation, and it continues to influence how the Bible is read and understood today.

This workbook was written to help readers identify and remove patriarchal bias in Bible translation and commentary, from the book of Genesis all the way through to the New Testament letters. As this bias is removed, it will become clear that far from being the will of God, patriarchy is a human tradition rooted in prejudice.

This workbook also focuses on helping women to recover from the harmful effects of patriarchy. To help with the recovery process, the following topics are explored:

• Overcoming the lies of shame
• Suffering
• The grief process
• Patriarchy and domestic abuse
• Rejecting patriarchal stereotypes
• Managing triggers
• Setting boundaries
• Freedom from codependence
• Healthy egalitarian relationships
• Communication and problem-solving
• Overcoming negative patterns in relationships
• Living in balance

Women are encouraged to be empowered by God to bring healing and freedom to the world in Jesus’ name.

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